This example shows basic and advanced uses of HTML, CSS and Javascript.

In the example, you can change the style of the words 'Hello, world.' written below by typing CSS properties in the text box and clicking 'Apply'.

Hello, world.

Last updated: never.

Change style


How to learn from this example?

To see how this example page works, it's best to open it in Firefox or Chrome. If using Firefox, make sure you have the Firebug add-on installed. Then, right click on any element in the page that interests you can choose 'Inspect Element'. Firebug or Chrome developer tools will show on the bottom of your screen and you'll see the page'same HTML. You can choose between the tabs to see the page's styling and script as well. The console is very useful to see Javascript errors and to run any kind of Javascript you want (try typing 1+1 in the console prompt, or window.alert("Hey there!");)